Consigning Policies

Consignments will be taken Monday through Friday for the convenience of the consignor.

  • Consignment will be done by appointment only, so that we can give you our full attention.
  • The maximum amount of items consigned may be limited to 15 items per week.
  • The Media Consignment Shoppe has final say on which items can be consigned.
  • Please examine you clothing carefully before appointment.
  • We will only accept clothing that is in excellent condition, no more than three years old, freshly laundered and on hangers.
  • Please check to see that there are no stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, animal hair, etc.
  • Consignors shall receive 50% of the selling price of items sold. The Media Consignment Shoppe will retain 50%.
  • A pick up date will be assigned at the time the consignment contact is signed.
  • The consignment period is six weeks.
  • Any items not pick up on the assigned pick up date will become property of the Media Consignment Shoppe without further notice.
  • Consignors are to locate their items on the racks at the time of pick up.
  • Consignment checks will be available for pick up the store one week following your assigned pick up date.
  • All though the utmost care and security is taken with all consigned items, the Media Consignment Shoppe assumes no responsibility for the loss of, damage to, or destruction of any items left on consignment.
  • Shoe consignment- Shoes must be new.
  • The Media Consignment Shoppe will not accept for consignment any under garments, bathing suits, sleeping wear or gowns.
  • Seasonal acceptance will be as follows;

March-May (Spring and Summer items)

July-October (Fall and Winter items)

The Media Consignment Shoppe is committed to selling items of high quality. Our goal is to make our customers experience as pleasant as possible while maintaining a high level of value.